Director’s Message:

This month’s message is a Testimony.

I am seriously afraid of needles.  Whether it is for giving blood, getting the ‘wonderful’ tetanus shot or getting ready for surgery, I am truly a coward when it comes to having a hole poked in my skin.  Recently, I had to have something done (nothing life threatening, praise God)  and the ‘what’ is not the point, the point of this testimony is how God led me through the process of going through it, which involves getting a shot, correction, it involved getting  three needle shots.  Three.

Now, make no mistake, I will put up a brave front and keep up a running conversation while being prepped for whatever, but inside I am calling on everything I have in my faith bank. 

Back to the testimony: As I sat in the doctor’s chair, getting prepped, I steeled (prayed) myself up against the prick of the needle when a verse of a song sung by Jessy Dixon entitled From Heaven’s Point of View (check it out for yourself, it is so uplifting) came to mind and began playing over and over in my head.  The verse God sent me was (and I mean no copy write infringement, it just clicked in to what I was going through at the time):

                Today, I faced a mountain that I have no strength to climb

                And the struggles of this journey’s left me weak both in body and in mind

                Where I stand to the peak is a distance on my own I cannot reach

                So this journey of a thousand steps begins right here on my knees.

The song goes on to say that what looks like a mountain, to us, is just a hill when looking at that mountain (our troubles or what we may be going through on this journey we call life) from heaven’s point of view.

As the elders say: “God won’t bring you to it without helping you through it”.

And He helped me through my ‘it’ without a doubt.  He always does.  And I praise Him and cannot thank Him enough.  He does it for me, He will do it for you.

Aways, with love,


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