DSC02735_2   Director's Message, February is Black History Month.  A time to reflect, reminisce and celebrate history, accomplishments and achievements of the black community. It is also a good time to give voice to where we are today in reference to our yesterday. Question is often asked: "Has things changed all that much for African Americans since the Civil Rights Movement?" Now, you know I tend to be a positive person and that's what I'm going to give you.  But, my head is not stuck in the sand.  Racism still exists.  And its effects still hurt, maim and kills. I read and hear the news and I have experienced racism in my own life, but I still believe I can make a difference by addressing racism anywhere it rears its ugly head around me. There are more of your neighbors spreading the joy of celebrating diversity than you may think there are.  Recently, the Center hosted Jessica Campbell conducting an anti-racism workshop to a packed house.  Bethany Lutheran Church hosted a luncheon and conversation on diversity, again to an enthusiastic packed house.  Both of these events were filled with people of different races, ethnicity, cultures, etc., all there with the purpose of getting to know their neighbors and to discuss how we can deal with this problem. These were and are, not the only two such events, there are many, many pockets of grass roots, everyday human beings who may not look like you, who may not look like me, but who are working hard and tirelessly to dispel stereotypes and put a big dent in racism.  My hat is off to all of us who are doing just that. And I praise God for all of the Civil Rights Workers, then and now, who sacrificed so that I can eat in any restaurant I want to; live in any neighborhood I please and so that I can ride in the front of the bus to go to see and enjoy a movie starring people who look like me.  And that is a long historic road from Beulah to Scandal and The Haves and Have Nots. Always with love, Della    

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