DSC02735_2   Director's Message, March is National Women's History Month.  Let us celebrate the women in our lives.  The women who have inspired us to do well.  And even those who have caused us to do well.  Celebrate the women who have been our positive role models.  Women who have helped us grow into who we are today.  Grandmothers; Great Grandmothers; aunts; mothers; foster mothers; sisters; daughters; girlfriends, etcetera.  God Bless them all. Reflecting on this month's celebration, I think of the woman who was my church mother.  Her name was Mrs. Violet Addison from the church I grew up in:  New Bethany Baptist Church, 1415 South 23rd Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My sisters and I attended New Bethany Baptist from the time I was a mere child until I left Philadelphia in 1972. There we grew in Christ to sing in the choir; become Sunday School teachers and Superintendents. We performed in plays that we wrote and directed.  All under the caring eyes of Mrs. Addison.  She loved the church and all of us kids and all of us kids loved and respected her. Mrs. Addison was an accomplished classical pianist and singer.  This gifted woman, who traveled the world with her wonderful Philadelphia Boys Choir and had performed before standing room only, loudly applauding audience everywhere, was our choir director. I remember her kindness and generosity.  What a wonderful human being and an inspirational child of God. This blessed woman passed away on May 6, 2014 at the young age of 106. God Bless you, Mrs. Addison.  God Bless all of the Mrs. Addisons in our lives. Always with love, Della    

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